seriously dont google bc with children EVER. i nearly didnt make it out alive! p.s. dont you just want to stroke his cheekbones, like seriously?! x

Too late… I Googled.

Do you know when Benedict Cumberbatch will be walking the red carpet at Tiff this year?

I don’t know when, but I do know he will be there. That’s all I know, sorry.

i love you so much you aremy crush blog.

I have followed your blog for ages, before I even had a tumblr account. Now that I have, I just wanted to say how amazing your blog is and you seem to be such a nice person! Love from Sweden x

Ah, Sweden! I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden. Nice to know there are so many diverse people from all over the world liking this blog. And thank you very, very much! I am so glad you got an account and joined. You’re really too kind. Thank you :)

Well, by looks you remind me of Betty Boop, it's a bad analogy sorry but she's so sexy and so are you :D. And your personality is like Welma, brainy and smart.

Oh my gosh! Betty Boop! That’s so awesome, I really wasn’t expecting that! But seriously, I’m not as sexy as Betty Boop, but I like to think I can pull off this full, curvy figure ;)
And I’m certainly not as smart as Velma (not logically anyway), I say some pretty stupid stuff. I think I’m more abstractlly smart is anything, so thank you very much <3

Let me love you!

You sort of remind me of Irene Adler and I do believe it's because of those killer cheekbones and brilliant hair.

Aww, thanks. But mine aren’t as killer as Mr Holmes’. Look at those things!


I could cut myself slapping that face… I should’ve tried ;)

Hi ! Wanted to ask you if you knew nice blog about Fargo , I freaking love Martin in this show ! Thanks :)

I don’t know a blog dedicated to Fargo (I really need to see that show), but hopefully some of my followers can? Or if not, if you search ‘Fargo’ in tags, some blogs may come up…


Introducing the cast of the second series of The Hollow Crown

Judi Dench will play Cecily, Duchess of York, alongside Benedict Cumberbatch’s Richard III. Sophie Okonedo has been cast as Queen Margaret across all three films. Hugh Bonneville will play Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester and Sally Hawkins his wife Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester in Henry VI part 1. Keeley Hawes plays Queen Elizabeth in Henry VI part 2 and Richard III and Tom Sturridge has been cast as Henry VI in parts 1 and 2.


Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘War Horse’ HQ Movie Stills - (x)

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