Benedict Cumberbatch attends the Guess Portrait Studio during 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9

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Get to know me meme: [2/5] Favorite actors
Benedict Cumberbatch

As an actor, you are aware of how a role can seep into your real life.

To the anon, who sees the need of BC needing a leading role in a big hit movie as a reason to have screaming fans. Sorry, good acting and a great personality (for what his fans can see in interviews and interaction with them) is enough for me (and his screaming fans, seemingly) to admire him. And the screaming is usually a group thing, which kind of develops a life of it self. Don`t judge people for their screaming, even if it annoys you... Peace and out :)

I agree, though I don’t think they were having a go at the screaming, I think they were saying that we don’t support him enough as fans (as in going to see his films) and that if we don’t go and see the films, he won’t be hired as a big movie star in Hollywood. 

But wait!- If he’s already getting the amount of fame a Movie Star would without having to be a proper movie star (To Anon’s standards), then why would he have to be one then? I mean, he’s already got the hype from fans, and he’s making a living off characters he enjoys playing…. I generally see no downside to their argument.

I’m not the screaming/gushing type of fan (unless I’m alone in my room), because I usually feel like I would scare the celebrity away…

Benedict Cumberbatch + stubble so far

I find funny that the annon from your former answer apparently believes that movies are only made in L.A. Some of my favorite movies are all independent movies from smaller european productions.

I think they were referring to the massive American Hollywood movies that a bit hits and make lots of money. Though I don’t think you have to be in those types of movies to be considered a Movie Star. And I agree with you, a lot of my favourite films are either English or another part of Europe. I personally think that the characters and movies he does that are smaller, like ‘Third Star’, ‘Parade’s End’, ‘Hawking’, ‘Starter for 10’, etc. are much more interesting characters to watch than the cliche American movies, and therefor will make more money with DVD purchases and such (or at least be a bit more popular with the fans).

My favourite things of his (that isn’t Sherlock) is actually Hawking, Third Star, and To The Ends of The Earth.

because The Imitation Game trailer was released today

One edit a day [140/??]. Benedict Cumberbatch

The End - A Johnlock fanfic


A short fanfic. barley 3 pages. Rated PG I guess. Feed back is really precipitated if you leave it in the ask or reblog it. My first just Johnlock fanfic. I felt evil writing it.

The End

John stood there, feeling useless as always, Sherlock was trying to use his mind palace but seemed unable…

As your tumblr has been referred to the one stop shop for all things BC, I would like to order a whole batch of all the facets of BC (pun accidentally intended)... May our ovaries survive ;)

Well, we have Dorky!Batch:













I could list other Batches, but I hope you liked this batch of Batches :)

I like BC but the hype surrounding him is what I'd expect for a movie star. He's yet to have a hit film as a leading man, I hope The I. G. is a big hit but it's not enough for his fans to scream at him at premiere's they need to go and see the film. I know they're not enough to make a hit and the promoters have to get the general public interested. But if he doesn't have have a hit soon LA will cast him aside as his can't bring in an audience. He'll always have the theatre and TV though.

Well, he is a movie star, even if he isn’t a “Leading-role” movie star. Yet there have been lots of TV movies and shows where he IS the lead, so he certainly is a TV star so I think it’s very fair for him to have that amount of hype about him. Plus you don’t have to be the lead star in a movie to have talent recognized as ‘movie star’ quality, and you have to admit he’s been in some very big movies. He’s been in ‘Third Star’, ‘War Horse’, ‘12 Years a Slave’, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ (in which he played the lead villian), and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy (in which he also played the lead villian(!))

And yeah, you’re right, there may be fans who won’t (or financially can’t) go and see the film, but you’ll be damn well sure they will tell people to go and see it, because they enjoy the actor in it. I know I won’t be able to see it, even though I want to, but I will recommend it to anyone, because I’m sure Benedict acting will be great, as per usual. And just because not all his fans will be able to see it, doesn’t mean he won’t bring in an audience. I know quite a few people who would/are going to see it because of him, so that doesn’t mean that the fact that he’s in it won’t bring in some fans. And that also doesn’t mean people will stop hiring him because he’s not flavour of the month anymore, they will continue hiring him because he’s a good actor!

Plus, L.A might not hire him, but you’ll be damn sure the BBC wouldn’t throw away a good acting gem like Benedict- for TV AND films.


I love how Sherlock considers John to be clever, which he is, but Sherlock never tell people that they’re clever because he considers himself to be a genius and everyone else an idiot.


I started on the left and laughed, until near the end when I began to cry and experience actual physical pain in my heart.


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

1/? Sherlock + Winnie the Pooh quotes