Some previews of Benedict Cumberbatch in Time Out London Magazine.
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did that italian article say that benedict said he's a vegetarian?? I didn't know this, I think i'm actually very surprised!

Well, I don’t read that language, but from the translation I saw, yes, he is. I’ll admit, I am surprised as well! I suppose I’ve never seen him eat meet/fish before, so it is very possible! Although it’s also possible he was joking. I don’t know the context of how he said it (reading it is always hard to know)

Though I have heard of him talking about eating meat:

There was THIS interview (I don’t know how old it is though. 2007 I think)

“It’s actually my real family name,” says Cumberbatch, between forkfuls of fish salad backstage at the Royal Court. 

THIS one if from Jan this year,

Which is not to say that his life has continued unaffected. Such as when he went into a London grocery store to buy chicken and the guy behind the counter recognized him.

"He went, ‘Oh, my God, he’s an actor.’ And that was it," Cumberbatch said. "I didn’t get any chicken for half an hour. He got all his friends out. We took photographs over the chicken. I was getting really hungry for the chicken."

And THIS one, which was just over a year ago in May ‘13,

I didn’t go the junk food way. Chicken – I love the chicken, all sorts of chicken, and salmon. And protein shakes. […] We tried to keep it normal and food-based: carb, protein and chicken. I ate a lot of what these guys ate. […] I asked whether I could get one and then I got one so I wouldn’t have to eat chicken, chicken and more chicken. For two weeks I was eating chicken, potatoes and broccoli. Thank you.

And THIS from a few years ago:

 Once the oil starts smoking, you chuck on prawns and chicken and whatever else takes your fancy. The mixture of surf and turf is fresh and, with generous portions of homemade relishes your appetite is the only guide to how much and how quickly the food should be eaten

There’s also THIS translated magazine too,

 Other reasons to be fascinated? He can sing, dance, play some instruments (he learned to play violin for Sherlock, because you can’t play a genius if you sound like an idiot), ride a horse and a motorcycle, smokes, eats meat, does yoga and kitesurfs, watches The X Factor and curses. And his voice sounds like a wild cat purring. 

So if he has become a vegetarian, it have started only very recently in the past few months. I know Martin Freeman has been a vegetarian since he was 14, but besides that, that was the only vegetarianism I knew of in the Sherlock cast. Perhaps it’s just a mistake/joke. I dunno.

Who would he bother protecting?

Hi there! ;) I just realized I've been following you for a couple of months now and I haven't troubled you with a question (LOL!), so here goes: What are your thoughts on Benedict's smoking? I don't research much about him and I just saw a photo of him smoking a roll-up, and it made me worry a lot. See I lost my Aunt in a Lung disease and I terribly miss her, I just don't want to imagine it happening-oh God, I don't even want to think about it. So, thoughts? :}

Oh gosh, I don’t want to start an argument. I am sorry to hear about your aunt though. But I believe he’s a grown man, and he can do what he likes. I neither encourage it, nor do I discourage it. Smoking increases the risk of death, but it doesn’t confirm it- it’s just the unlucky ones that die. If Benedict wants to smoke, that’s up to him, if he wants to stop, that’s up to him as well. Since I have no true say in the matter, it doesn’t bother me. I accept that he smokes. People smoking is something I’ve grown up with, and I haven’t lost anyone to it, so I can see why my opinion my be different to yours.

But there are lots of things that risk people’s lives on a daily basis- like driving a car, drinking alcohol, drugs, surgery, crossing the road, being in the sun, swimming in the ocean. What I’m saying is that smoking is just one of those risks where some people die, and some don’t, and it’s something people do everyday. There’s not much we can do about it.

But yeah, as I said, it’s his decision, and I’m not too fussed by seeing him smoke, just like I’m not fussed by seeing someone drink.