Hello :D i just want to know if you have any clue about a gossip where Benedict is secretly engaged... i know i know he's a celebrity and i'm just a fan girl but the heart feels what the heart wants to feel... and my heart felt like something just stick thousands an needles to it... *sob*

… Hasn’t nearly every celebrity been gossiped about being ‘secretly engaged’?

This tells us a few things:

1. If they are, and they have to do it secretly, it probably means they don’t want us to talk about it, gossip about it, or spread it about.

2. If a lot of celebrities are rumored to have a partner, or secretly wedded, and it turns out to be mis-information, that’s not saying much about the tabloids or rumor-spreaders who don’t check their facts.

But if he is, good for him! I hope he settles down and has a lovely family. Though Benedict said himself at one of the Comic Cons that he’s not as intent on having a child now, but is more focused on his work and living his life. 

So yeah, I don’t think it’s true. Release your heart from it’s needle stinging pain, love. I know the feeling. I cried and cried and cried when I found out David Tennant was getting married (via proper UK newspapers).

But if it’s just a roumor, don’t believe it until you actually get a reliable source. I don’t think it’s true. And if it is, good on him; I hope he’s happy!

Have you heard the rumor Benedict has a girlfriend now? Any substance to it?

Nope. Haven’t heard it. And I don’t want to. That’s for him and him alone.

I don’t think it’s true, but then again, I don’t really go searching for that type of gossip, so yeah, you’re asking the wrong person.

Zoe, I hope you don't mind I added your "report" from Meeting Benedict to Reddit's Cumberbitches? Sorry, perhaps I should ask first, but your story is so wonderfully written and it needs to be shared :)

Sure, I don’t mind :)

BUT PLEASE EXCUSE THE SPELLING MISTAKES! I’ve been meaning the clean it up, but I was so tired when I wrote it.


"I also did the motion capture" BC


Hi! Love your blog. I was wondering, do you know that video where a guy watches sherlock and his reaction was 'he's gay! they're totally gay! oh no they're not. is moriarty gay? he is gay! THEY'RE TOTALLY GAY' or something like that. Thanks a lot! Oh and btw, I'm so happy that you got to meet Benedict :)

No, sorry, I don’t know of it, but it sounds hilarious and now I really, really, really wanna watch it!
And thank you :) I’m terribly happy too, obviously!

EDIT: Ahh, my followers are like magic! I ask for a link, and it just appears…—0UEe_wm—HZVTA&feature=mh_lolz



coloring study.

This is incredibly beautiful and so so so Benedict. His eyes are so blue and pale and green and transparent and oh god don’t know what to say any more. Evan, how can you draw something like this. 


Did you scream too when you saw the Sherlolly kiss at the Con? I'm a Sherlolly lol :p

No, I didn’t. In fact, the whole kiss makes me uncomfortable to watch. To me, Sherlock and Molly just seem like such an unlikely couple, and I try to steer away from it when I can. It’s just not my cuppa tea.

I can see how and why people ship them, the ship just doesn’t appeal to me, and I don’t enjoy it. But each to their own! I’m glad you ship it and got a kick out of the kiss! I myself got a kick out of the Sheriarty one, but of course they wouldn’t show that at the Con… :)

Hey Z :), Just read that BC has confirmed that he'll sadly not be a part of the Star Wars movie.. :(. The article doesn't say why.. I know he really wanted to be a part of that, he's been saying so, for so long.. Sad.. Love the purple btw :)

'Z'? Gosh, I haven't been called that since I was 7. hehehe.
Yes, I heard. In the panel, he said it was because of J.J. Abrams, and that they’ve talked about it, and after him being in Star Trek, it would be unwise to use him in Star Wars too. But you never know, sometimes people screw with the public just to keep it a surprise.

I don’t mind. I mean, he’s already appeared in Star Trek AND The Hobbit. Two of the most known fandoms in History- not to mention Sherlock Holmes. He’s doing pretty well for himself in terms of large fandoms. Plus, personally, I’m not a Star Wars fan (maybe one day, but not now), so it really has no affect on me.

And thank you, I though it needed a change. I was going for ‘the purple shirt of sex’ colour. Glad you approve :)


Benedict Cumberbatch’s intro to Oz Comic Con 2014 (HD)