#oh my god the transition in the first he looks so adorable smiling for the camera #and then in the second he’s like bam you’re dead

If you ever wonder what eye-fucking looks like, that second gif is a textbook example.

which is the only fucking we’ll ever get from him 

So both him and tom are great at eye fucking…that’s not helpful to me…it makes me even more frustrated…

Fucking fuck.

Benny’s eyefuck game is stronger than I realized…


Zoe…First I apologize for my English … unfortunately it is not so good. 

i what to tell you thanks, because wee are all all part of the same fan-base and your blog is a delight.

I have to say that you enchant me, your attitude, the way yo write.. if do you think the have to go out of the comfort zone and venture into the world and also wright about the way yo live and the life you experience. 

But i still love you not really love like a boy likes a girl or a girl like a girl… i don’t know how to explained … but  my question really is how you fucking do to get photos and the info you get.  i admire you for that…

well thanks  you are an amazing person! … your honesty fascinated me … 

and if one day you need something in mx or costa rica please call…

atte. fan of you and your blog

Wow. Firstly, that’s all really so nice of you to say. I’m flattered :) It was lovely for you to take the time and write that. And although your English is a little broken, I can get the idea of what you are saying. And to answer your question, I just reblog. That’s all I do. I find all my information out on tumblr (I follow some good blogs), and when I see the news about Benedict, I reblog it. Simple. I really have no effort other than pressing a button. Though I enjoy spreading the new news to people.
And I’ll remember to drop you a line if I ever visit costa rica :)

12, 13 and 17 pleaseee

12. ideas of a perfect date:
I like the idea of going out to a 5 star restaurant, dressed up all nicely, having a lovely dinner with candles and flowers, and sitting at a window table watching the world go by. I would like if the restaurant was a few floors up, so we could look over the city. Then, maybe go for a small stroll through the local park, talking and such, then I get cold and he’ll pass me his suit jacket as we head back to the car. I’ve had this in mind as a perfect date for years…

13. life goal(s):
I want to work at the BBC. Whether it be as a script writer/editor, actress, film editor, director, producer, etc. I don’t mind. But If I don’t end up in a career in the film industry, I will be thoroughly disappointed in myself.

17. A fact about my life:
Hmm. Well, the 5 classes I’m currently studying at College is Double English, Art, Media, and Photography… I think that says a lot about me. I hate Maths and anything scientific basically.


Gratuitous Sherlock GIFs

John bouncing around Sholto like a puppy, and Sherlock being jealous.


Hello everyone :)

I’ve made a similar post about a month ago asking if there are any Malaysians that are interested to go and watch Benedict as Hamlet.

I’m making this post again since the ticket sales are just around the corner and I was wondering if anyone is interested. I’m hoping that a few more of you guys can join. The more the merrier :)

Message me if you interested :) Fans from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc can also join in if you like.


Creation Premiere, London, 2009 (x)




"Sherlock Pet-Shaming"

Or: my lack of photoshop skills did not prevent me from doing this





By George, I think he’s got it! ;)

Yay!!!! At last!


if you ever worry that you’re weird, or taking it a bit far as a fangirl, remember that people in ancient Rome used to buy vials of their favorite gladiator’s sweat to wear as perfume. so like. at least its not a new thing.

Deduction and Deception