Hey Zoe, glad that you had a good time :) I`ve been randomly browsing your tumblr and came across your statement, that you would like to visit Germany sometime and that you are trying to learn German. So, I just say "Guten Tag" from Germany (even though I do not know, if this is still on your "list of things you want to do"). The Random Stranger

Oh yes, I do. I mean, I’ve had to put it a little lower on the things to do list since I started college, but it’s still something I’d like to do one day. Either that or French, or both. I know a little French, but I get words mixed up. But I hardly know any German.

danke schoen!

Since you've now met him (congrats btw!!) I was wondering, was he as tall as you expected? I've read other fan stories where people have said he isn't as tall as you think. I mean i'm 5'2" so if I ever do meet him I don't want to look like a midget, you know? Again, congrats on meeting him!!

Oh, thank you ;)

He was sort of as tall as I expected. Quite a long face though. I am about 5’7, and the top of my shoulder was basically digging into his armpit. But I don’t think that’ll make a difference with your picture, because as long as you look like you, and he looks like him, than it’ll be lovely!
It was actually his eyes that took my by surprise. I see a lot of pictures of Benedict, being a Benedict tumblr and all, and I see a lot of photo-shopped pictures- but when I saw him in the photo shoot for the first time, I looked into his eyes and they were stunning. I know that sounds cheesy, but the first thought that went through my head when I stood next to him was ‘wow, so his eyes aren’t photo-shopped!’ Because they are such an unreal colour, they they just stand out beautifully!

ZOE I AM SO PUMPED for when you get back to tumblr from the outernet and tell us all about how wonderful and marvellous Ben is (as if we didn't already know) please leave out zero details okay thanks ily bye

I hath arrived, thine following! I come from the outernet to bring news to you all!…

Actually, I will be telling a little story later on once I’ve rested and gotten over my jet lag, but not every detail, because I feel I’d like some personal things special. Though I’ll give you the run through of what happened and what was going through my head at the time. Later.

But I can absolutely say that Benedict is such a wonderful person who truly loves not only his family and friends, but has a special place in his heart for his fans. I mean, I heard from one of the volunteers that he took 900 pictures in 2 hours in one day, and 900 on the other. That’s 1800 photographs he had taken with people. That doesn’t include the signings or the panel.

What a magnificent man! I believe he agreed to do that many, just to make as many fans as he could happy. He would be so tired by now. I take my hat of to him. THAT is why he inspires me; because he never gives up. He always seems to see the happy side of things and wants to make others happy.

Just thought of you. It must be early Sunday morning in Australia already. So, in just a few hours a young woman, who I don`t even know, is going to meet Benedict. In a few hours, I will be fast asleep after a bike tour and some time at the lake. Unforntunately still too cold for a swim. It´s amazing, if you think about it. My Day is coming to an end and at the other side of the world, people are slowly starting a new one. Have a great day! The Random Stranger

You thought of me? Oh gosh, wow! I don’t know what time I got this, as it’s now Monday night at 9:55pm :)
But it’s amazing how the world works like that. I love thinking about that too. Now, my day is coming to an end, and yours shall be starting soon. It’s a shame it shan’t have Benedict Cumberbatch in it, but life works in mysterious ways. Maybe one day :)
Thank you so much, my lovely random stranger!

Is that a David Tennant cardboard cut out in the background?!? LUCKY!! And you look beautiful in those outfits!! Congratulations, fellow CumberCookie!! Your blog is just perfect, btw <3

Yes, yes it was. I’ve had him for about 5 years. He keeps watch over me, makes sure I’m safe during the night :)

Thank you so, so much! That’s so kind of you to say! I felt so honored to meet Benedict, and it was so lucky I was able to!

ZOE THE DRESS YOU ARE WEARING SATURDAY IS BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD if he doesnt fall in love with you i'd be surprised ;D

Oh, thank you very much!

Hehehehe, that’s so cheeky of you ;) (Well, a fangirl can dream. That’s what fan fiction is for).

He saw me on Sunday, but he still said he liked my outfit that that I looked pretty (twice), so I’m a happy girl :D

OH MY GOD YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!! <3 <3

Have you ever watched "My Mad Fat Diary"? I just watched the last episode of season 2. I really recommend it. Have not read the books (yet). I asume you will go to university at some point, since you seem to be studying very hard. It will get better there :) The random strange, who is late for capoeira class...

No, I can’t say that I have. But I shall keep an eye out for it. 
Yes,I am studying hard, and I would like to go to Uni (I’m aiming for Cambridge, but I’m not expecting it). 

Greetings my lovely followers. I am back from Oz Comic Con in Adelaide. And I got to see Benedict. I gave him a poorly written letter (because it was written in such a short space of time, but oh well, it got across the general gist). I got a picture with him. I got 2 autographs, and I asked him a question at the panel- but more on that later.

I am just letting you know that I am back, and shall start posting/blogging again soon. Though I’m not going to tell all details, because I’d like some details private, but I will share the picture I got taken with him (Warning, I look so nervous in it!)

I also got to meet and take a picture with John Callen, Dean O’Gorman, and Stephen Hunter (Oin, Fili, and Bombur). They are all very lovely. I had a magnificent time!

"If you hunch your shoulders too long against a storm your shoulders will grow bowed…."

―Ford Madox Ford - Parade’s End



I am going to meet Benedict Cumberbatch this weekend, have my picture taken with him, go to the panel, get his autograph- it’s going to be amazing!

I’m so excited to see all the cosplays, to see the dwarves, to buy stuff- just to be there! So, anyone else who may be attending, I’d love to say hi and meet a few fellow Sherlock/Benedict fans! So, this is what I’ll be wearing on the days:


Sunday (day of the picture):

(I’ll also be going to the Sydney one too, so I’ll post picture next week for people to spot me. Honestly, don’t be shy. I would love to make new tumblr friends! I may not be the best talker though… But please, come, speak, say hi!)