Who Are You Really?


Met gala: Life is so good!!! So beautiful!!! Too gorgeous Ben~😭😭😭😍😍😍




John and Sherlock    22/?

kkiiiilllll meeeeee

Holy CRAP.



Bee Shafer and Benedict Cumberbatch

The MET Gala after-party


A top hat. A TOP HAT. *dies* (I don’t care if it’s a manip, btw)

A top hat TOO!? I think I just died and went to Heaven…

You sometimes say that you are "just a teen"... I think you are wrong about the "just" part. You have such a healthy perspective and positive attitude towards life... You have managed to make this mother of two from the other side of the planet look up to you. I wish you all the best in the future

That’s… wonderful. Thank you. That really made me feel better <3
I don’t know if my perspective is as healthy as you think; I get pretty pissed off at people easily in person. Though for the most part, I’m generally unbiased on those types of things.

But a mother of two? I honestly don’t know what I’ve done to have people, especially people much older than me, look up to me, but it’s completely flattering to hear.

Have a wonderful day, dear Anon!

hello ... It is the first time I communicate with someone over the Internet .. but curiosity killed the cat!! I did not know of your existence until I saw sherlock, and would like to know your opinion about Arthur Conan Doyle ... since you have studied hard to make one of the most interesting papers in the area of ​​research ... I also believe that you made ​​it very easy to represent on TV or am I wrong? .. (sorry my english .. my language is Spanish birth) regards XH

I’m not Benedict. Never said I was. But yeah, sorry, I’m not Benedict. He doesn’t use the internet. And if he did, he certainly wouldn’t make a tumblr blog all about him.

pencilmoustash said: For the anon: Ella no eres Benedict Cumberbatch. ¡Lo siento para tus molestia!

why dont you queue some posts? your blog will always be running! :) I miss your posts when you're not around~

Because I’m lazy and…. Nope, just lazy.
I’ve hardly ever used them because I don’t need to use it. Not only am I on tumblr for a long time for the most part, when I’m not, my blog does not need to run 24/7. It is not a website, it’s just a hobby, and I do it in my own time. That means that my followers will have to wait until I resume my hobby.

Though I do take the time to reblog a few pictures ever now and again when I’m busy just to keep up the freshness, but I just don’t like using queues.

Busy with school? That's okay, take all the time you want / need. Your followers are patient. We just want you to do well in school. Stay awesome. *hugs* :)

Yep. Bloody school. I enjoy it, but damn it’s a bitch sometimes. I can’t complain though. I’m getting good grades. The trouble is keeping them up… 


Cutiebatch VS Sexybatch

(taken from: Hawking, 12 Years a Slave, Sherlock, Fortysomething, Star Trek Into Darkness, Nathan Barley, Little Favour, Stuart a life backwards, Parade’s End)