Another new TIG still [x]





someone give this man children.

ohgod that little high-five in the third one

A little piece of my heart breaks every time I see him with kids.


New Dunlop ad with another alternative ending - [x] 

"Why does the teddy always have to come?"

Can you do a Gollum impression? x x

Into Darkness

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what do they mean by they see his white pants?? i dont see any

You can see white boxer shorts if you look closely. They are obviously made to look like the sheet, so that it’s hard to tell. 

But see when the side of the sheet on the left (our left) goes down a little too far to the point when we can slightly see his leg (the dark space that appears for a flash near the bottom of the gif). And the other side of the sheet that he grabs with his right hand ends at the middle of his butt…

Therefore, that slight part of white covering his butt is a pair of white shorts. It was obvious he wasn’t going to be naked. For one, for personal reasons, that if the sheet did fall down, he wasn’t flashing. Also, ‘Sherlock’ is a family show (Well, is on during a family time), and it probably isn’t wise to have a bare butt, no matter how much the fangirls and boys would love it.

So yeah, he’s wearing panties in this scene.

pammiejr said: Did he use the term “shrink”? Curious Mental Health Care Professional

Yes, that is the exact term he used.

Wait... what? he's been seeing a shrink? Where did you read/"hear"/who told you that? If it's true, poor man, he does work rather hard. Hope he gets to relax soon!

I did actually ”hear” it. Benedict told us himself. I was sitting only a few feet away when he said it. It was at the Oz Comic Con in April. He said it was because when he acts, he obviously has to play as other people, and he was a bit worried he was loosing himself in the process- that there were bits of his characters that just clung. It’s obvious that he works hard, and I think a few actors go through that. Though he said that his shrink said that he’s fine, and basically that it was perfectly normal to feel that way, and that all he needed was a break. I think that’s why he hasn’t been doing as much this year acting-wise. He’s done a few things, but nothing as vigourious as last year.



Some people said they could see Benedict’s white pants here. So I made this gif and stared. And stared. 
Guys I think you broke my heart.

Oh my.