By the way- Your 'side effects may vary' warning is epic.

Epic, yes; but heed with care… They are very serious. ;)


You are addicted to a certain lifestyle

If you think you're safe at warp, you're wrong.
I've always noticed the speck too. (I suddenly just got the image of Sherlock teasing John "The Speckled Blond?") I made that observation to a couple more Sherlock fans and in return, I got the cat stare. The one where they just look you in the face with the "I dare you" expression.

Aren’t eyes wonderful? All ares are gorgeous! But Benedict’s look like a tiny brown TARDIS flying over a conspicuous  black planet in the midst of the galaxy.

This is what happens at 2am, when my insomnia needs an attitude adjustment

i always seek out that little eye speck in every single shot or photograph of Benedict because not many people notice it and i like to check and make sure it's still there, like its the only thing keeping him safe (i say this because i check it like mother would check to make sure her child hasn't lost anything, "did you get this... did you remember that... okay, how are you feeling this morning... be safe" and stuff like that) i make sure he hasn't lost his little speck, the twinkle in his eye!

I’m pretty sure it’s staying, so you don’t have to worry about it going. The freckle isn’t going anywhere, because that’s the colour of his eye. It would be like the aqua of his eyes suddenly disappeared- it just wouldn’t happen. So you can rest easy, love, it’ll always be there.

But I too look for it in photographs, but only because I like it. It matches the little mole on the side of his neck. I love keeping an eye out for those two little specks, because they are adorable :)